Friday, February 1, 2013

Home Color Trends News

Lots of inspirational ideas to help you set up new decorations greet 2013. One is the trend color ColorFutures 2013.

The main theme color trends 2013 is "Connections", while the color of the icon for the next year is the color "indigo" or bluish or purple called "Inspired Violet" by Dulux.

Departing from the theme of "Connection", there are five themes that support the main theme of Colour Futures 2013 that you can make an inspiration. Each theme has its own color palette, the "Collective Passion", "Switching Off", "The Art of Understanding", "Home Factory", and "Visual Solace". These themes talked about the relevance of all things in the daily life of man.

Based on the research ColourFuture, 2013 has been projected as the years who no longer recognize boundaries continent. Not just cross country, but also across cultures, and lifestyles.

The absence of such limits ultimately offer a variety of possibilities are also endless. Unlimited possibilities linkage is then formed.

The inspiration is derived from the color of everyday life.

ColourFutures itself is a color trend research of AkzoNobel. This research takes place every year and aims to provide an international trend prediction on the style and design of the interior and exterior. This trend is then translated into a color palette.

Earlier, in 2010 ColourFutures chosen theme is about "Reclaiming". Subsequently, in 2011 "Appreciation", and finally, in 2012 ColourFutures provide the theme "Possibilities".